Transrepro co & Monkey presso visuals at parties, concerts, performances, etc

Monkey Presso vj team was founded in 2001 (originally called Transrepro co).MP1Its mission to interpret the visual harmony and ideology modulated by the world’s vibrations, which includes the sound reactive interpretation of the mixed thoughts and phrases and the possibilities offered by free improvisation. From small parties to major festivals Monkey Presso took part in several events, as vj anyway, and as an organizer. From Chi-recordings party series to Cinetrip – Intersputnic, VJ Tournament – through directing a VJ-DVD, Journey around my skull. They developed a vj software, the Monkey-Mixer, which opens the boundaries to code based experimentalism.Free magazin article:vj-torna

Some selection of Monkey Presso / Transrepro co works:

Audiovisual mixes and performances:

  • Bar-talk and WAM-JAM Mozart Audiovisual Remix, 2006 WAM-JAM (Mozart audiovisual remix)
    audio: Márkos Albert (cello), Gryllus Samu (bass), DJ Mango
    visual: Monkey Presso feat. Space Devil


Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 11.07.56

  • FOODBALL – Poetry and All That Jazz Party with Peter Finch 11/23/2002, Merlin Theater


with: Tóth Viktor (saxophone), Badihali&Sanyi, visual: Kiégő Izzók ReC and Transrepro Co“Peter Finch muffled by analogue age at the Merlin Theatre, Budapest. Poster and flyer for the 90 minute event of November, 2002. The Merlin seats 250 and the restaurant outside where the performance was visible on monitors seats 150. All full. The girls from kent cigarettes were in action, dressed in white from top to toe.” – source:

Party series and festivals:
  • Cinetrip party, festival series in 2003-2004

Cinetrip party and festival series 2003-2004 places: Cinetrip Labirinth, Rudas, Volt Fest, Hegyalja Fest, EFOTT, Gluglu festthe visual brigad: Somito, Gerilla, Laki Lu, Space Devil, Rio, Transrepro Co.musicians, djs: Dave Tipper (UK), Fine Cut Bodies, Koma&Bones live! (TCR, UK),RICHARD THAIR / UK, Dj Palotai,  FREQ NASTY, Dj Krafty Kuts (UK), Dj Kevin, Dj Pedro, Dj Mango, Dj Bosi, Dj Naga, Dj Kaszi, Dj Jácint and many more..

  • Ablakadubra party series


  • Chi-recordings party series

Dave Tipper, Chris Carter, Elite Force, Naga, Fine Cut Bodies, Amb, Phantom Beats, Stabilizer


  • Hairy records party series
Oxia, Loco Dice, Magda, Andre, Der Dritte Raum, Minilogue, Elite Force, Sweet’nCnady, Naga, Beta
  • LickTheClick party series
Modeselector, Konrad Black, Jon Carter, Ame, Isu
  • LABIRINTUS összművészeti fesztivál
– SkinBag performance (Mango, Anorganik, Skeam)
  • Cökxpon Ambient Fest visuals
  • Vidámpark összművészeti fesztivál
Fischerspooner, Freestylers, Dub Pistols
  • Cinematour: Realistic crew
concert visuals by monkeypresso, 2008
VJ battles, races:
  • Visual Mass
Tűzraktér, Budapest, 2006VISUALMASS, VJAmboree, tűzraktár (Naga, Beta, Erká)monkeypressoonbike060922_visualmass_flyer_A060922_visualmass_flyer_B
  • Vj Race
Budapest, 2006, MokkacukaFreee VJ RACE, Mokkacukka (Palotai, Naga, Beta, Kevin)
Sztojanovits Andrea

Fényművész, VJ