Skylab / Cinetrip visuals – The theory and practice of lighterapeutix

Skylab visuals from 2007-2013 –

About the group: Visual show designers, L.E.D. visual artists. Skylab was founded at the summer of 2007 after some parties together. The group has two members now – Laki and nano. They specially play on LED walls, making large installations from those visual cells. Their mission to build virtual realities correspond with music and space around and which guide people to a fictitious journey. The first installation was in a cornfield in 2006, named INTERSPUTNIK. There was a huge human-made crop circle which during night time was lit by many many LED columns to make virtual mystery complete. The music was like the sound of the universe by lots of djs from Hungary. The main concept was to create a small galaxy on Earth.

Their attention soon turned towards LED-projection and installation. (LED gives the freedom of building from elements, the way it is set up is already an installation. It gives greater possibilities in playing around with the sense of space and light.) After a growing number of performances and projections, an ambition towards the harmony of water, dance, lights and music has started to evolve in the CINETRIP SPARTY series. Their intention is now to revive a so called LIGHT THERAPEUTIX with the help of LED, water curtains and laser beams.


The main driving force behind the world renowned Cinetrip bath parties (, this duo is responsible for designing the visuals of all their own events and beyond.
In the past few years, in parallel with the constant improvements in LED technology, the duo developed their own performing systems. They have been experimenting since 2004, their perfomance method may be compared to imporvisative experimental space-jazz.





Stereo Mc’s / Kosheen / Freestylers / Morcheeba / Stanton Warriors / Al di Meola & Eszter Horgas / 2Manydjs


Dr. Motte / Extrawelt / Layo & Buschwaka / Tiesto / Pete Jordan / Tayo / John b / Evil-9 / A1 bassline / Len Faki / Ellen Alien / Tom Middleton / Foamo

  • TOUR

Cinetrip Sparty Light Terapeutix, Vj Torna LPM/Rome, Minsk; Mapping Fest / Geneva


Intersputnik Intergalactic weekend / Stock Exchange Palace Budapest / Trekport Architectural Mapping with The Neon Edge / Vj Tournament – organization and jury / Water Circus @ Széchenyi Bath, Budapest / Cinetrip VJ Torna Hungary 2010 / Live Performers Meeting Rome/Minsk 2010-2011 / Mapping Fest Geneva 2010-2011 / Ozora Fest

and many more….

Selection from the referencies:

Intersputnic Interplanetary Weekend

AV-landart event: , 2006
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Water Circus

2010.07.16. – Water Circus, 360degrees 3D stereo architectural video mapping
30 acrobats
Tesla Coil performances etc.
, Széchényi Bath, Budapest


The performance is build from colours and forms in a specific way. The group makes microscopic physical prints from healing thermal water mo- lecule’s samples and makes abstract forms and animations from those research process’ results. They assign colour codes of water temperatures for those shapes and forms.

Water mineral contents: slightly radioactive thermal water containing nitrates, sulphates and calcium-magnesium-hydrogen-carbonates, as well as fluoride ions in significant quantities

Water temperatures: 16, 28, 30, 33, 36, 42 °C
The performance’ sturcture is linear, starts at chill ambient music with slow animations as light and colour study and ends as a dinamic flow from all the shapes, visual contents.



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Cinetrip Sparty series

Gellért Bath, Rudas Bath, Széchényi Bath


2ManyDjs party

2009.11.27. – 2ManyDjs / TeleVision party, Stock Exchange Palace, Budapest


2manydjs in Hungary for the first time
How is it, when there are way too many DJ’s swarming the former television headquarters? Not more nor less than 2 Belgians from Soulwax and 20 local disc jockeys revive the building so well known from the outside, and hardly ever seen on the inside. On air is a full-blown visual-musical surreality show, records are spinning on 4 parallel channels, and the one time recording and screening studios are getting filled with determined party people.


(from Soulwax)
Palotai, Kollektiva, Fine Cut Bodies, Cadik
Crimson, Isu, Marvin, Superman,
Girls & Mathematics
Digishot (Mango & Gattio)
Waxman, Goodfellaz
Matzuga & MM

Skylab VJs from Space LED Show

Over its century-long history, the stunning building of the former Palace of the Stock Exchangehas encountered various types of multitudes, but nothing of this sort before: apart from the international stars, young joyful party people will be flowing on its winding corridors enchanted by projections, so as to jump around in baren studios in the light of LED installations composed of several tens of thousands of pixels, to mashups woven from evergreen pop songs.”


Switch and Glitch party

2010.03.20. – Switch and Glitch party, Biscuit Reality live act, Millenáris, Budapest




„Premier Performance!” Biscuit Reality
Tits & Clits
Headshotboyz / Girls & Mathematics(Benson Madamme, Tom Select, Total Carlos)
Rave Mise Bizarr-o-Vizuál Performansz
Skylab VJ’s from Space Ekstra speciál LED-vizuál /

UAF / Urban art forms festival


TrekPort Architectural Visual Mapping,

2010.05.07.09. – Eiffel Square, Budapest


TREK PORT visual mapping
visual by:
Viktor Vicsek- The Neon Edge
Sztojanovits Andrea-Skylab
L.Laki László-Skylab

GOF 28-30. 04.
Eiffel Square

powered by Cinetrip 2010