reOnion at Burning Man / A journey to nomansland

2011.08.29.-09.05. – reOnion installation, Burning Man Fest, Nevada –


We made an audiovisual interactive installation at one of the world’s crasiest festival in Nevada called Burning Man. The artistic installation – reOnion – is a garlic-shape structure reacting the visitor’s resonances with light and projection. The structure is divided into six cabins. The output is defined by the entering visitor and generated by her\his resonances (heart beat). The visual part was together with two other visual artists: Ioann Maria and Mowgli.



ReOnion installation is a initiation ritual to a special physical and virtual space with its own rules. It is a connecting sphere of inside and outside. The spectator at first sight see an organic sculpture of amorphous lights and reanimated plastic trash, while the participant, who come close and enter the system of interactions, pass through something more: a special state of mind. He/She become part of a membrane projecting his/her own inside resonance to the outer world while reacting to each other. Deconstruction of his/her own mental boundaries melting into a realization of a virtual togetherness. This expanded inner space of random community is the core of the experiment. The visitor and spectator discover inner and outer mental space and an experience of communicative resonance / in 6 cabins separately the structure react with the participants’ heartbeats, breathing and body temperature.


Physical description of Art Installation

The installation is onion-shape structure which reacts the visitor’s resonances with light and sound. The structure divided into six cabins and one main room. The installation is illuminated by projectors from sunset till dawn. The main room located around the steel pillar, the visitors have to climb here to enter the cabins. The cabins are covered with UTOPLAST plastic overlay. The sensors are build in a pipe the visitor can hold in her/his hand after entering a clove. In the pipe sensor senses heartbeat (pulse), temperature and physical pressure which control the light and sound around.


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2011.11.18. – reOnion – TedX Youth Budapest presentation, Corvin Filmpalota


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Sztojanovits Andrea

Fényművész, VJ