Naked Objects / visual figures experiment

Now at MORE LIGHT! Light Environments group exhibition at New Budapest Gallery from 13th April to 23rd August 2015

The basic forms of the objects are sound generated visual figures.*

Materials: wood, plexiglass, lenticular prints, mirror wallpaper, led strips, arduino, loudspeakers, patchblocks

Conceptual components:

Pure light
Form = Content
Sound = light


The objects are ideas of ​​an unspecified infinite unknown imagination over and above an infinite continuous events already in the event that is defined as the moment.


At one level transcendence can be experienced but at the same time that moment is indescribable or a multitude of interconnected sensory way.


The combination of sound, light and form is intangible so on a higher level that’s a process of transcendental conversion.

The mind-altering power of electronic music with it’s monotony is further enhanced the modification. The structure of the visual ideas increase that feeling.


Superficial images exists without content?

The content of the images the generative way itself, pre-programmed geometric shapes with pure light.


Sound = Light / controlling system by Gábor Borosi

Pictures from “The State of Things” group exibition
09/20/2014House of Arts, Veszprém, Hungary

* (Chladni figures)

Sztojanovits Andrea

Fényművész, VJ