Kitchen Budapest projects / Landelion & BYMM

  • Landelion project

Kinetika Art Fair, London, 03/24/2010


Participants: Eszter Bircsak, Judit Boros, Laszlo Kiss, Zsolt Korai, Manuela Lukacs, Melinda Sipos, Andrea Sztojanovits

LANdelion is an interactive sculpture made from recycled materials. A new kind of flora has appeared in the satellite system as the result of the pervasive existence and extension of the internet: the net-flower. LANdelion represents our imagination of this new phenomena.

We took the dandelion’s form and attributes as principal inspiration for building the prototype. Beside choosing an organic structure it was also important for us to use recycled electronic and mechanic elements to realize the installation. Playing with ambivalent properties like fragile/stable, organic/industrial, playful/serious we aim to underline the ambiguous nature of our shifting on-line information society.

The one diameter sculpture is gently vibrating and glowing by default. When a visitor approaches the vibration and the lighting changes. Blowing toward the LANdelion a lightwave flows through on its surface backed up by quadrophonic sound.

  • BYMM – Beat Your Mouse Movement

01SJ Biennial, San José, 09/2010

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 20.40.24

BYMM ( strives to balance the growing hours spent in front of computer screens by offering a playful solution that motivates people to walk in order to get more exercise and become more conscious about their health and city environment. It consists of two gadgets. One of them is a web/desktop application that tracks use of a mouse, while the other one counts steps. Individuals can playfully compete between their online and IRL selves, and win by walking more than mousing. By harvesting and aggregating users’ data, it is possible to compare different groups by nationalities, age, social status, residency location and other variables, providing further motivation for beating your mouse and improving your group’s profile.

BYMM aims to become a community of people who are keen on elevating walking as an important daily activity, as a preferred way of moving around. The website, an iPhone application and a desktop make possible the continuous data stream which is also connected to

BYMM is also presented through a physical installation, which tracks the real-time desktop activity and the physical distance covered by three of the team members. They are represented by a hanging pair of a mouse and a shoe, which are linked to the related data-stream. The balance and imbalance of the suspended objects visualizes our activity and at the same time the whole concept of BYMM.

BYMM was featured as part of the Out of the Garage, Into the World program at the 2010 01SJ Biennial and the project was commissioned by ZER01 with and xClinic. (

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Sztojanovits Andrea

Fényművész, VJ