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2009 – Website /thesis work – MKE Intermedia department

Transcendence sometimes can be experienced on a sensual level, however, it is an indescribable moment impossible to articulate, or a means of sensing that connects a multitude of moments. I think music has the power to alter consciousness, be it electronic or classical. Rooting from the power of music to modify consciousness the electronica present at parties with its monotony is able to enhance this modification even further. The medium, the feeling of presence, the process of projection, when someone meets directly the visual thoughts created in reaction to his and others’ present structures, increase this feeling of distancing.

At the parties I recorded in writing all the inner abstractions created by these points, which I then further analysed. The joint flow of music and visuals is not apparent, thus is immaterial, that is, at a certain level is the process of transcendent conversions. (It has two consequences, firstly, this genre is time- based, secondly there is the ancient question of aesthetics that is hard to grasp concerning what we like and what we don’t) This hypothesis I named Trans∑, and its formal presentation is an interactive website:

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Interactive video installation / thesis work – MKE Intermedia department

It is the projection of a transcendent idea in the form of a field of sunflowers. It is the juxtaposition of energy from the day and night, the meeting point of human conscience and of nature. The video installation is an interactive loop, the plants in the sunflower field react to outside movement The nature of the loop is ambient, continually moving, changing.

Special thanks to Ádám Sipos (programming).

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Sztojanovits Andrea

Fényművész, VJ