Brain Crystal Mapping / stereo mapping object controlled by brainwaves

Interactive audio-visual brainwave reactive installation – performance

Concept, visual software, 3d plan, construction: Andrea Sztojánovits
Special thanks in construction: Zsolt Hegyi

First presentation of the installation was at Researchers Night 2013 September at A38 – after in 2014 January the object at Ludwig Museum Budapest.


The installation is a virtual reality model, which is controlled by a real human activity.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 15.40.29

The Brain “Crystal ” Mapping is a complete audiovisual , EEG sensor controlled experimental installation-performance use the genre of object mapping in physically. The installation of generic components (audio, visual, architecture, interactivity) in their field is an experimental nature and the principle of duality ( stereoscopic, binaural ) based.

From the visual (the projected image) and architectural (built structures) point of view the object displayed in stereoscopic format, making use of the human binocular vision, that is, properties of stereo vision.

The installation is an audio environment too ‘ use ‘ performer’s headset binaural sound made up.


at Ludwig Museum Budapest, Ludwig Next: Monochrome Clack exhibition, 2014


In the installation two sound sources located in the system. One of the atmospheric – installation is around from the speakers, which you can hear as passive spectators, the other on the inside – the active performer appliqué headset that only he hears.

Views from the back of the object (the audio system):


The installation uses the external ambient sounds , such as theoretical and practical elements of style . The ambient originally a musical genre that is the nature sounds, ambient noise is manipulated , which creates a new atmosphere. The music is not rhythm in this case.

The installation of the inner voice is binaural sound (Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in 1839 discovered a phenomenon , in which – in stereo hearing exploited – the brain in two different frequency tone ( physical stimulus ), a third voice – phantom sound.

This process is meditation, relaxation used mostly in the 8 – 12Hz brain frequency state, which are commonly referred to as alpha brain waves called Summary and the body to induce dormancy between sleep and wakefulness.


Audiovisual – outlined in the installation of musicality paragraph musical genre – Ambient – based on not only musically , but also visually subtle interpenetration, vibrating color, light and shadow change the trace passes , in which the two media is in interaction and create symbiosis – by brain waves .

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 15.49.10

The visual space of the music field is an indirect reactive element, essentially making the object as an interactive colour organ.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 16.13.52

Visual appearance of virtually all – and physically – built by stereoscopic computer animation – also appears in the installation.

Screenshots from the visual:



The installation of a wooden, 1.7 meters tall crystal structure – elements of triangular irregular “duplicated ” pyramids. Stereoscopic image projected on the installation, which is formally the same time a return is due to their construction , that is the three -dimensional stereo image is displayed. Inside the structure 14 situated loudspeaker in it.


The animations are interpreted and adapted to the structure of color and black -and-white , or light and shade changes and these changes are structural variations in the structure itself .


“The angel says : You’ll see the pictures of the world richer world of the intellect . There then you are going to see the inside . It is like when you are immersed in deep meditation . The ground breaking away there is no other experience like the buzzing immaterial ; happily and freely float in the limitless reality . ” – Béla Hamvas

The EEG sensor – Emotiv Epoc EEG neuro- headset – brain frequency conveys the different areas of the skull through electrodes measured signals. These signals are converted to the installation of the animation changes essentially, so the head appliqué top view of the sensor electrodes controlled by regional variations in the location of installation, thereby ‘ making visible ‘ of different brain activities.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 15.42.08

more about the research background (hungarian text):

Research background:

  • CrystalChoir

2012.02.10-12. – CrystalChoir av installation with Gábor Borosi – ‘Where are the deleted files hidden?’, Toldi mozi, Budapest


The construcion is from 14 elements with 14 sound. The animations sense the sounds separately. The nature of the sound is ambient, mostly endless musical soundscapes without melodies. animations interpret the construction in its own structure and they conform to it with colours, and black and white-light and shade changes, and structural variations of these changes.


  • TRIP experimental concert

2013.04.23. – Brain waves and MIDI experiments on TRIP experimental concert, Metropol Studio Budapest

Sztojanovits Andrea

Fényművész, VJ