VJ communities and co-organized VJ festivals

VJ Torna

Creative coordinator at Vj Torna from 2004 to 2013.


VJ Torna (http://vjtorna.org) is a world touring VJ contest which offers an inspiring and entertaining experience both for visual professionals and both for the general audiences. The first competition was organised in 2004 in Budapest, Hungary with the aim of gathering and stimulating video artists from the local and from the international VJ scenes.
The aim of VJ Torna is gathering live video practitioners for interaction, knowledge exchange, new technological experiences and a friendly competition to measure their skills on an international level. Vj Torna form a cultural melting pot with the creative use of thrilling video battles, blasting contemporary music, mind blowing blinking of a rainbow of lights.

The success of the event has been confirmed by the recent collaborations born worldwide: in the past few years Vj Torna had approximately five hundreds of participants, was helded in Sao Paulo (Brasil), Budapest (Hungary), Minsk (Belorus), Rome (Italy), Mexico City (Mexico), Cape Town (South Africa).


Nonamevj / VJ Centrum

A few years ago – around 2000 – more and more visual/video jockeys appeared at parties also in Hungary.
Since then this genre has larger space but the electronic music forums didn’t provide sufficient informations on this subject. Therefore we thought – several teams who work as a vj or acting in different areas – that together we make a dynamic alliance and professional knowledge centre where anyone can look around, speak, tell ideas. We collected what we found and wrote what we thought. This was our first steps in Hungary and was called Noname Vj (http://nonamevj.blogspot.hu).


This initiative after two years was not just only in cyberspace but presented at the real underground media scene too. Vj Centrum (https://www.facebook.com/vjcentrum/info?tab=page_info) is a vj (visual jockey) and new media community studio in Hungary, It’s a creative space provides a unique method of visual media artists to show their creativities, talking, analysing and constructing individual projects and make vj education. In the past two years it worked at Tűzraktér which was an ideal place with good technical conditions and number of parallel multidisciplinary creative collaborations to testing experimental solutions and gave an opportunity for developments.

Live Performers Meeting

Creative coordinator at Rome and Minsk edition in 2011.

“Born in 2004, with the aim to answer to the need for creating a space-temporal referential field where to meet, know each other and share vjing related experiences, LPM is now an international meeting dedicated to artists, professionals and passionates ofveejaying, visual and live video performance.
The event features a full programme of live video performances open to the public, applied in combination with the most varied forms of artistic expression, and a number of initiatives particularly for guests of the meeting.
The “On” area allows the audience to attend the different applications in live video through the performances of artists andgroups from the international scene, joined by a single great passion for video, performance and above all “Live”. From midnight onwards beginning the VJclash, in which video artists perform free from video consolle made available, with many projectors andmonitors.

lpm1The “Off” area, aimed at the Meeting, is an occasion of confrontation between vj and video artists working in the themes of Live Video Performance and is conceived as a separate area, frequented mainly by “insiders” with a program that alternates spacesmeeting, workshops and showcase projects and products.
LPM is a space open to freedom of expression, research and experimentation; the programme flexibility, the openness to new members and contributions, the freedom to participate and the opportunity to perform during the event, are an intrinsic characteristic.
LPM consider the experimentation a cornerstone of its ideology, and all the recovered funds are therefore allocated to finding the most desirable and innovative technologies to support the event and the research in the live visual field.
The kinship of ideals and the common ideological roots, allowed LPM to become part of AVIT network, whose aim is theenhancement and promotion of veejaying culture by organizing events worldwide
LPM is produced and organized by Flyer Communication (www.flyer.it), Linux Club (www.linux-club.org), FLxER.net(www.flxer.net) and FLV – Flyer Live Visuals, thanks to the cooperation of important international partners.”

– http://liveperformersmeeting.net/idea/

Expanded Vjism

Co-organizer of Expanded Vjism Budapest Showcase of LPM / Co-organizer 04/04-07/2013

expvj2 copy

Behind the Vj Scenes

Co-organizer / 2012.autumn: Vj Centrum series, Toldi / Átrium

Behind the VJ Scenes is a brand new monthly event series by VJ Centrum, presentation of artists and groups working in Vjing and new media art through their projects.
Each time the audience get acquainted with the most exiting and original works of art by the artist’s specific work processes and stories.
The invited artists show examples from live, analog or architectural visuals, audiovisual live acts and interactive, generative word of art. The performances are accompanied by technical presentations time by time and the evenings sometimes continue with audiovisual live acts or discussions.



Where are the deleted files hidden?

Co-organizer / Where are the deleted files hidden? Vj Centrum event, Toldi mozi, Budapest 02/10-12/2012 – http://vjcentrumbudapest.wordpress.com


Neocortex Vj-demonstration

Co-organizer / 08/13/2004 Felvonulási tér
organizers: Optimal-Telesport, Fluid, Transrepro


vj groups:

  • Csontrakéta (Morc, Rio, Sami)
  • Leeunflyable
  • Beatmap
  • Jolly Boots of Doom
  • Daybreaker
  • Elektratikumz
  • Fade
  • Borz
  • Lotusfusion
  • Sfeer
  • Budapest Rebel
  • Cinetrip
  • Medence csoport
  • MPP visuals
  • Zsiga
  • Photon Sheperds
  • Viva Retina
  • Elektróger
  • Pixelstar és vj Haku
  • Egyed B
  • F.Sebő
  • Bredár és Jocó
  • Kiégő izzók
  • Fluid
  • Optimal-Telesport
  • Transrepro
Sztojanovits Andrea

Fényművész, VJ