Theme & Theory (Diploma work and DLA thesis – hungarian)
AVj (my portfolio of parties, events, installations – coming soon..)
Ray of Sound
Abstract Cosmos (continuation thoughts of  TRAN∑ – hungarian)
Cyberfield (sensors and the human body, installation theories – hungarian)

Other sites, groups and communities:

TRAN∑: my experimental site from 2009 –
Audiovisual Open Studios (founder): open boundaries between electronic music and visual –
Crystalseals: our audiovisual installations’ blog with Gabor Borosi –
Monochrome Clack: an audiovisual painting installation group, developed with Éva Köves in 2009 –
Skylab / Cinetrip: member of this vj group from 2007 to 2013 –
Sensorbreakers: research of sensor systems –
on Flxer site: a community site for vjs and audiovisual artists, my site there:

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next project: BOMB! / Geneva, Switzerland, 05/16/2014