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2023 OASIS light installation at Light Art Museum Budapest | Art Basel Miami week virtual exhibition in the LAM Budapest selection


Size: 185 cm diameter
Material: plexi lens, projection, animation

„In Andrea Sztojánovits’ work the projection surface and the projected image integrally merge into one. The colours change back and forth and flow into each other on the surface, which appears convex from certain perspectives and concave from others: the mirage of an oasis emerging from the sandy desert is thus transformed into a vision of an island in an endless sea. The viewer’s gaze is bound to rest upon the subtle transformation of the optical illusion created by the slow, meditative waves of colour transitions.”

Borbála Szalai – LAM Budapest


Special thanks: Viola Lukács, Balázs Skoró, Tamás Budha, Áron Zsolt Majoros, Adorján Triff, László L. Laki

FLICKER videoinstallation 2024

Visual language used in the collection evokes the phenomenon of the blinking light through breath delicious layers and filmy occurrences, which – through continuously changing light and tones – automatically induce the eye to attend actively, shift out from calm, and stimulate cognition. Details show up and fade away, the viewer becomes observer by means of the active participation of the eyesight – for example, twinkling, amazement, that is, by alternate phases of openness-closeness. This circumstance, the eye’s ‘respiration’ provokes assertive action in the attentiveness to the picture.

Flicker phenomenon research



2021 OASIS 2101 light installation at Klara and the Sun exhibition


Size: 70 cm diameter
Material: stainless steel, projection, animation

The Oasis is an inverse island, an island or inverse Oasis, a place of reintegration, amorphous
form, desire for elusive fields, a place of rest, and inner retreat. Water surrounds it like liquid light,
a vision of the gaze resting in the endless desert.